Friday, September 5, 2014

health camp

                                                        health Camp

firstly I went to health Camp because I was over weigth.  and I need to lose weigth.  the whole propes. of me going there with my brother.  so I know what to eat that healthy .I got know other student that was there. my mum
and dad wish me and my brother  luck. in that
moment I know what they mean. because me and
my brother is going to need it .for health camp me
and my brother is going to sacrafise . 

Secondly  in the week. all the other student eated 
breakfast in the hall. after that we all went our class. we learn't hard maths and quiz. in morning
tea I had a orngins with muffins. at health camp
after that we went to our class .after we had class
we lunch muffins  and a oringin juce .

lasty on the last week  we all had bisco party for
what we all achieveded health Camp some people
were in the games room . I was sad that we all going to leave Health Camp

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