Sunday, May 17, 2015

swimming expreince


today i  had fun experin't because of the swimming pool.
they were testing room7. to see if  room 7 could  swim
safetly in the pool . i was very freightned  because
 i was floding on my back .
i was also scared floding on the  front of me . after  the whole room 7 went in the
pool .  when I got in the pool it was cold . after that the insturcter  took  off our board's off us we but our hand
together with out using our board . i when to my turn
it  was scary because i didn't had the board . my instucter name was  mr joseph   when he try too make me float on water it was scary because it made me felt
i was going to duron in the water

Monday, May 11, 2015

mother day


my mother is so special because when i am hurt she always there when i am need 

when i am sick she prepar  tips  of things to take my sickness 

she is not prefect mother or a pretty mother  but she always care about my brother
and me and my education and my school work .

and she also entertaning and humoros

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

describing my mother

describing my mother

the mother home  the mother of my  famliy

she is a entertaning and she is also humorous  and also does everything  i say , like preparing my meal
when i wake in the morning .  a fun loving, generous and caring  person .  and also a keen gardener, sporty,
creative, artistic and spiritual. mess and untidness is
your enemy , the disciplinartion