Friday, August 29, 2014

Expressive Writing

                                        Expressive Writing

Firstly On the morning I got dresd up for an funriseing at glen iness. so I and my church friend's . can go to a Place called
jump.  it had lot of trampoline after our funracing . I and my church friend's got the money . I and my church friend's were
talking with each other who is going in who car and who is not . when we got there it was to noisy inside there lot's of kids  there . 

secondly I and my church friend's got a rest's band  and sock's. I and my church friend's waited for six O.Clock when the handle went six o.clock we went inside. we ate before we inside where the trampoline was.

lastly we all had a feed at  cluse jrounia I order a chlliy chese
frise and a orioro shake and a burga. and a pie after that I  went to the city to buy me close  and shose and I went to the movies  I was watching a movie hercules  I order a popocon
and  a shake   


Osca said...

nice wrok oscar

Thomas Moore said...

Hi Oscar, it is Mr Moore from St Joseph's School in Oamaru. I really enjoyed this piece of writing. How many people are in your church group? Is it part of your school parish? Thanks for writing with such detail and sharing this with us all.

James Hopkins said...

What a great piece of descriptive writing. Thank you for sharing your learning! It was so great to meet you today and I hope I can come back soon :-) James

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