Friday, August 29, 2014

Expressive Writing

                                        Expressive Writing

Firstly On the morning I got dresd up for an funriseing at glen iness. so I and my church friend's . can go to a Place called
jump.  it had lot of trampoline after our funracing . I and my church friend's got the money . I and my church friend's were
talking with each other who is going in who car and who is not . when we got there it was to noisy inside there lot's of kids  there . 

secondly I and my church friend's got a rest's band  and sock's. I and my church friend's waited for six O.Clock when the handle went six o.clock we went inside. we ate before we inside where the trampoline was.

lastly we all had a feed at  cluse jrounia I order a chlliy chese
frise and a orioro shake and a burga. and a pie after that I  went to the city to buy me close  and shose and I went to the movies  I was watching a movie hercules  I order a popocon
and  a shake   


our was basdte on  baptism

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