Thursday, May 29, 2014

refecation in school times

my behave year  has being good alll throught the week

i have learn a thing today in school  i had fun when i was learning  during school time and i ski8p count back
from 100 to 2  i learn my discus fact

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

softball writing

frist thing in the morning room7 learn't what is the discus for soft ball

frit room7 start with felding room7 did the snape catge
and butterfly hand's and under arm and over

secondly room7 start of with the discus  room7 roll the baal on the ground so  we get ready to snape catge  if it went to the side of you will need to shave to the side of you beforen a person comes to the pich so they can get out of the game
room7  did the butterfly hand's  so we can catge the ball in time when some comes to your piche
and we learn't how to do over arm and under arm

Monday, May 26, 2014

Kindness Mat

We were learning to make a kindness mat to display it at the virtues assembly. We had to follow the instruction from a procedural writing. First we had to pick a A3 sized coloured paper. We measured 5cm for our title and we measured 3cm for the black stripes. After that we put the black stripes on to our colored paper for our pattern. Next we had to either fold it or cut it with scissor at the end. Later we glued it together. Walla you're beautiful kindness mat.

Virtues Assmebly

It was the first virtue assembly of the year. The virtue we were showing was kindness. The reason why room 7 wanted to do the virtue of kindness was because kindness was starting to go away from our school. Before we performed our item we introduced our mat that was named the kindness matt which we followed it from a procedural writing. When I held my matt up high I felt proud of what I have made. My Hub write a poem and song. First we introduced what we were going to do. Then Ascott read a poem about kindness. After that we sang a song to the school about what is kindness. During the singing Rachel and Leone were playing the ukelele. I enjoyed our wonderful assembly.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

my writing and maths and reading goal's

welcome to term 2 for my writing goal is to get the corret spelling and to start with an opening statement and i will use google draw is to plan before i writing on my document use more vocaberlery and let some one to ready my writing and fex's my masek in writing and have a complex's idea on maths in am going to work on is my 9 time's tables and is to get more better in my subtracktion and pactes with my parent's on my subtracktion form 1 to 10 so i can get better on my subtracktion for reading i am going to work on to understand the word's meaning and to ready to my parent

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Question Answer Your Answer You got 100% right! You did 10 of the 10 questions, and got 10 right 1 + 1 2 2 4 + 2 6 6 2 + 1 3 3 3 + 3 6 6 2 + 4 6 6 4 + 3 7 7 3 + 1 4 4 1 + 2 3 3 1 + 3 4 4 1 + 4 5 5 this how many i have got right i have got a lot more better