Friday, September 28, 2012

term 3 reflection

1. Are you pleased with how this term has gone for you? Yes because I am happy that everyone is working together.

2. What have you learnt this term? In maths I have learnt how to solve problems and fractions.

3. What have you found easy this term? I find maths easy

4. What have you found tricky / difficult this term? Reading and RE because it is hard to write a story.

5. Who  / what has helped you with your learning this term? Miss G & Miss McLoughlin,

6. What could you change with your learning for next term? Concentrate more on my homework that i have been given. Achieve my goals: To keep doing well and trying my best at maths, and try my best with reading.

7. What are your next learning steps to make you a successful learner for next term? To think about what I am doing and concentrate on things.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

music eveing

The Saint Pius X School music evening happened in the hall. There were lots of people there, students, teachers and parents.

At the music evening it started with Room 2 singing and playing instruments. We then went to Room 1 who performed with Room 2 in partners.  Room 4 did a boogie dance while Room 5 did a piece of music on recorders and other stuff.

When it was room 3’s turn I was happy because I was going to perform.  It was awesome because Ana and Rachel led us in our singing.

My favourite thing about the music evening was the Noizy Boys from Room 7 because they played the drums loud.

Friday, September 7, 2012

2 Dimensional Triangle

1. What is the name of this shape? right angle triangle ✔

2. What is a Triangle that looks like an upside down icicle? isosceles triangle ✔

3. What is a Triangle where all the sides are equal? equilateral ✔
4. What is this shape called?  ellpese ✔

5. What sort of Triangle is this? scalene triangle✔

6. What are these types of shapes also called? 2 dimensional ✔

7. Name 3 other 2 dimensional shapes? Square, rectangle, circle ✔