Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Michele newton visiting

On friday we had a guest speaker who  spoke to us  about  how  she became successful.
Her name is Michelle Newton and she works at Niu FM at Manukau city She had to work hard at university and she studied hard at university. She has two kids and two dogs. She is a standup comedian
and she embarasses her kids at home and at school. What I liked about Michelle  Newton is she is funny every time. She speaks in Samoan and Tongan and Cook Islands too. I liked her visiting room six and telling us about  her life and career and job and why she picked radio.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Making Sentence

We have been learning about Making sentence using short words.

The kettle boiled.
The hot kettle boiled because Miss Leaupepe need coffee.

The firefighters hurried.
The firefighters was in a hurried to rescue a little girl.

The river flowed.
The cold blue river was flowing like a person relaxing on bed.

The sun shone.
The hot burning shone on me because  it was angry.

The dogs barked.
The  ruff smelly dog was very angry because he saw kids trying to break the gate

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catholic school's Day 2013

Yesterday was Catholic Schools Day.. Firstly all the St  Pius X School went into the church and St Joseph people came next into the church. Father Ioane
was with Father Terry. After Father Terry started, all of the
St Pius people led the songs off and the St Joseph’s people came on the chorus. Father said  offer the sign of  peace and all the people offered the sign of peace.

Next all the people went and lined up outside of the class.
They had to follow us and after that we  had to make a buddy  so we could
play with them at the back or the field or walk around. Some
people asked questions to the St Joseph’s people. I asked questions to
the St Joseph’s. people. My buddy was Brynns.

Lastly  we had our concert  at the hall so we can have fun together. It was an awesome day.

Monday, May 20, 2013


we have beenlreaning how water connecte to an islands  in the pacific ocento create  a presentation

Friday, May 17, 2013

week reflectoin

My hightlight for this  week  were
rugdy becaues it my frish time playing rugdy on the a feed
and the swining pool because so I can lrean new skill in the

I have no lowlight this week

I am looking forward to the pool