Friday, July 24, 2015


On A Beautiful Day

On Thursday Manu and  I  were  Happy, because we were going to Bowling and Lasertag.  Manu And I waited  6:00 clock in the afternoon, Then   Manu And I went to Our church .

When we got to the church they brought out the rides witch person with and witch person who we don’t go to afterwards . we went to Panmure Bowling place . after bowling we went to Lasertag in the bowling place  my team was ready beat the other  for this event we special clothing to play the game.   

after we went to the car park to eat and drink . we          ate a pizza and drink fizzy afterwards we all went back home

On the next day I went shopping at westfield to do my sisters shopping and my shopping
I Went buy myself  
headsets for me and a new t-shirt a new pants
and also a new shoes  after that I went to Mcdonalds.
I order me A big mac and I got a forzen coca cola

my hightlight is going to bowling and westfield buying myself headset.

my lowlight is bing at home on the frist week of the holidays .

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