Tuesday, March 18, 2014

baskect ball

what a lovely  day

on   tuseday   fristly  room 7  walk to the cute to go bastket ball so we  have to listen to the instarcation how to knew how to play the game when it comes to the real gae
don’t listen they don’t play in the games ader wise they get  out
of the cates and do work miss tui said you must bring a red t shurt  for basket ball
so you can play inside of the game adwise you get sent of the cate and some
home work well  other people  play basket ball we learn how to jump stop
and shaflie and tridiling it with one it was tricky but when we got hang of it well we were playing
inside the baskect cutes we need to hand balling skills so we can play well in baskect ball

we learn how to dass the ball to are partner

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