Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prompt practise

it was a  add   about an leave bloa  they made people belive  the leave bloa   after  they made money on the last few weeks they keep on makeing adds about masingnaring stuff on the tv
so people can get that probic on the markets so they can get money for an nother week  
the grils name was oscar  and the boys name is afi they keep on sale stuff on the markets
it was a lovely day to do adds so we can get money for a week also  plaes afi I what why
after they sale  glasses for construksh bubing people so they eyes don’t  hrut so they eyes can
be safe when the stones go on to the face  they didn’t stop doing  adds for good stuff  they made garag sale so they can get new stuff for chrismas  for the famliy at  home the childrewn got happy on chrismas  oscar was happy of afi and the job the job was an successful  for7 afi work
ther work has be big and big afi die it was only oscar  was a life

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