Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing about the trip at the Howick Historical Village was making a  trolley. There were teachers helping us, we had tools. The tools that we had were wheels, wood, screws, spanner, nuts and washers.

We were split up in our school maths groups and we had to use team work.  Some other groups were running out of time.  It was  hard to make the trolley.

We had to look at the pictures and look at the instructions so we could put all the parts in the right place.

In my group was Ilaisaane, Viliami, Catherine, Christopher, Justin and Miss G.  I like making the trolley because we could put our bags in it and use it to go places.

At the end we had to take it apart because the next group was coming in.

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Miss G said...

Great to see you sharing your experience from your trip Osca. I really like how you told us all the equipment that you used. Make sure that when you are writing next time to put your ideas down on paper quicker, rather than just waiting for someone else to type your work for you.

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