Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holiday Recount

“Yay! I’m going to the movies!” On Saturday I was very excited to meet some of my church friends at the Sylvia Park movies. There were lots of us. Paul, Nathan, Jordan and I watched Battleship Pirate.

The movie was funny and cool. It was about a man who quit being a pirate and his crew didn’t want to be his friend any more. Later on in the movie they all became friends again and everyone was happy. When the movie finished we wanted to look around Sylvia Park.

We split up our group and met later on at the train stop. When we all arrived at the station we caught the next train to Glen Innes. My tummy was starting to get hungry. By the end of the train ride most of us wanted to eat. We decided to have takeaways. We ordered chicken nibbles, fish and chips. Most of us were tired after eating our lunch and decided to go home.

Today was awesome and so exciting for me. By the end of the day I went home and straight to bed.

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